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Essex Chanel - Cropcircles - LP

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Essex Chanel - French With Me
Official Release Date: 2.14.2011

  All songs written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Travis Lee Wiggins

Accordion, bass, piano, banjo, & xylophone performed by Travis Lee Wiggins.
Violin performed by Elisabeth Victoria Johnson.

Design and illustration by Travis Lee Wiggins -

Recorded & Written in February 2011
1. Introduction - Main Theme
2. 1st Interlude - Cupid's Arrow
3. 2nd Interlude - Heartache and Heartbreak
4. 3rd Interlude - Sadness and The Finest Balm
5. Finale - Main Theme

Music featured in Strangeloop Theatre’s FRENCH WITH ME: Original Vignettes Musing on Love and Valentine’s Day