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Essex Chanel - January 2007
January 2007

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Essex Chanel - January 2007

Official Release Date: 2007

  All songs written, recorded, and posted every day for the month of January 2007. All Songs written, produced, recorded, mixed, performed, and mastered by Travis Lee Wiggins

CD and packaging design by Travis Lee Wiggins -


January 1st, 2007 - The Internet
January 2nd, 2007 - All By Myself I Fly the Plane
January 3rd, 2007 - Disappearing Act

January 4th, 2007 - Morigato (with Fetla)
January 5th, 2007 - When They Leave
January 6th, 2007 - Man, the Mid-Twenties Suck Sometimes
January 7th, 2007 - The Bottom of an Empty Cereal Box
January 8th, 2007 - Bad Technique
January 9th, 2007 - Not For Kids
January 10th, 2007 - An Iraqi Vacation
January 11th, 2007 - Thursday Morning
January 12th, 2007 - After The Commercial Break
January 13th, 2007 - A King's Commission
January 14th, 2007 - Place Kicker Extraordinaire - (JoEllen on Backup vocals, thanks)
January 15th, 2007 - it sucks being single when it's snowy outside
January 16th, 2007 - The things you do late at night
January 17th, 2007 - What To Do
January 18th, 2007 - Self Induced Work Related Coma
January 19th, 2007 - friday night with beers
January 20th, 2007 - I Hope this Changes Your World View
January 21st, 2007 - Song Deleted By the Artist
January 22nd, 2007 - Your Magic Beans
January 23rd, 2007 - I Want My Wings (Joseph Khalifah on banjo, drums, and classical guitar, thanks)
January 24th, 2007 - It Was All Because of the Icy Stairs
January 25th, 2007 - Happy Birthday (happy birthday mom!)
January 26th, 2007 - i cant remember what i did last night but my tape recorder does
January 27th 2007 - It Doesn't Seem like I'm As Old As I Am
January 27th 2007 - VIDEO video (small size)
January 28th 2007 - Don't Take Advantage of Me
January 29th, 2007 - Ice Cream Cone
January 30th, 2007 - What's This Song Called? (with Christopher Hiltz on guitar, yippie!)

January 31st, 2007 - 9 degrees
January 31st, 2007 - Going Out With A Bang

In this project, a song was written, recorded, mixed, and posted in the same day for the entire month of January.  32 total songs (2 for the last day) were completed.  Travis's studio when making January 2007 didn't have heat in the winters, which proved to create some problems because during January 2007 there was a cold spell and Travis recorded songs in temperatures that were just above 34 degrees (it was so cold his space heaters couldn't warm up the room very much).

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