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Essex Chanel makes you Get Up and Dance

CHICAGO, Illinois - Essex Chanel has released a music video for Get Up and Dance, the single off of the new hit album Dancing at Weddings.  The video features Essex Chanel mastermind Travis Lee Wiggins energetically playing different characters emphatically dancing at a wedding.  This video is Essex Chanel’s first professionally shot video.

To make the video Essex Chanel paired up with Indianapolis’s AncMovies.   The two conceptualized the video and AncMovies did a spectacular job with filming and production.  The video was shot at the AncMovies’ Studio in the winter of 07-08 and completed in the spring of 2008.

Dancing at Weddings is Essex Chanel’s 7th studio album, released on January 18th 2007. Get Up and Dance, the single from the album, is available for free download at the Essex Chanel website. The album and the video in DVD format is currently available at www.essexchanel.com and the album can be purchased digitally at www.amazon.com. The album and video will be on iTunes in the preceeding months. Get Up and Dance can be seen on YouTube.

About AncMovies

Hailing from Indianapolis, this group of indie filmakers has caused a stir with their movie shorts, ranging from their latest work MD Hearts, a short soap opera spoof, to their upcoming non-fiction film Science, Sex and the Ladies. Their MovieProm has proved to be a spectacular event showcasing their talent and is something nobody should miss. Charles & Trisha Borowicz, & Barnaby Aaron head the helm of AncMovies, from concept to execution to production of the films. Anc involves many talented people from Indianapolis and abroad and Anc has shown their movies in festivals across the country. Please visit www.ancmovies.com for more on AncMovies.

About Essex Chanel
Essex Chanel is Chicago-based Travis Lee Wiggins' solo music project, started in the summer of 2005. Travis is in two additional Chicago-based bands: The Summer Salts and also Fetla-but in Essex Chanel he does all the work, from writing all the music, playing all the instruments, to producing, mixing, and mastering. Addictive, catchy melodies abound in all of Essex Chanel's songs, whether it's classic rock, indie, alternative, folk, dance, or classically influenced (the music dips in many genres). Maybe the best example is in 67 Car Commercials, where genre jumping is shown to be an easy art-each song is 30 seconds, crossing music categories and going into the highly conceptual with interesting titles to go with the music. The focus of the music varies with each CD, some are what he calls "music collections" like his January 2007 song-a-day marathon or The Album is Dead, where songs are released on an album where every cd is different with different songs and track order. The music stays fresh and energetic with each new release. Many Essex Chanel albums and songs are downloadable for free, and this project is not constricted in songwriting or releasing material by being on any music label, which makes releases frequent and sometimes without prior notice. CDs and other items are available through www.essexchanel.com, as well as some limited releases through iTunes & Amazon.com. Travis tours under the Essex Chanel name, doing solo shows, as well as playing with a varied list of friends-which makes every Essex Chanel show an event.

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Travis Lee Wiggins
mail (at) travisleewiggins (dot) com

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