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FREE Sampler CD by Essex Chanel @ Schuba’s July 30th!

CHICAGO, Illinois –  Essex Chanel, the energetic indie/rock/dance/non-genre band from Chicago, will play a show at Schuba’s Tavern on July 30th, 2008.  Essex Chanel is offering a FREE sampler CD for the first 100 people in the door. The sampler CD will contain a variety of songs from Essex Chanel’s 7 albums and other projects, as well as some previously unreleased material.

Essex Chanel will be expanding the live full-band set list at this show.  They’ll perform many Essex Chanel classic songs, tracks from the upcoming album “Love is Proximity,” as well as doing a full rendition of the self-released LP, “Dancing at Weddings.”

The current Essex Chanel lineup uses musicians from many other local Chicago Bands - Mike Rice (guitar & vocals, from The Summer Salts), Mike Regan (drums, from Suburbanite), Micah Trivisonno (bass, from Technicolour Stallion), & Stephen Dranger (guitar, keyboards, trumpet, and vocals, from Fetla). Allison Trumbo is joining Essex Chanel at this show, playing violin. Travis Lee Wiggins is Essex Chanel’s mastermind, writing and recording all of Essex Chanel’s music. In this lineup Travis acts as a lead singer, hitting an array of sounds and effects from a sampler, while also switching between guitar, harmonica, banjo, keyboard and vocoder. The show is very energetic, and the crowd can’t help itself but to get entranced in the high energy of the performance.

Supporting Essex Chanel will be The Summer Salts & Zerostars. The Summer Salts are an indie/rock/dance trio, and their songs are very catchy, from crunching beat-orientated rock to soft, sweet and melodic.  There is a focus on the space between notes, and the interplay of melody lines between the guitar and bass is unique. Travis Lee Wiggins, the leader of Essex Chanel, is also the lead singer and bass player for the Salts. Mike Rice, who also helps out with the Essex Chanel live show, is the guitarist for the Salts, here inventing spectacular guitar melodies. Luke Krause is the Salts drummer, playing that big beat that forms the backbone of the songs.

Come see three great Chicago bands on a perfect summer night, and get you’re FREE sampler CD from Essex Chanel!

Essex Chanel @ Schuba’s Tavern
w/ The Summer Salts & Zerostars
July 30th, 2008
Schuba’s Tavern
3159 N. Southport
Chicago, IL 60657
TEL: 773-525-2508
21+, $7, 8:30pm
buy tickets online! www.schubas.com

About Schuba’s Tavern (from metromix.com)
One of the most inviting small music rooms in the city, Schubas puts all the elements together to great effect: excellent sound, intimate environs, and a music-centric atmosphere music fans can appreciate. Offering a mixed bag of live music -- rock, folk, country (straight-up or insurgent), funk, even mariachi -- the bands range in quality and stature, from up-and-coming local acts with strong followings to nationally known acts loyal to Schubas for help on the way up. The room is small enough to ensure fans are never far from the action on the raised stage (crowds max out between 125 and 175 people), and the audience format can be extremely intimate depending on the music style and the draw. The club sometimes sells reserved seating, but mostly its standing general admission. If you're not interested in the music, you set up camp in the tavern outside the music room and choose from an impressive array of tap and bottled beer. (Schubas was originally built around the turn of the century as one of the Schlitz Brewery tap houses, and they bow to tradition by offering Schlitz in bottles.) In late '96, Schubas broke through the walls to the building next door and added a dining room decorated with folk art and stained glass windows called the Harmony Grill, which serves a variety of appetizers, hearty sandwiches, thin-crust pizzas and an eclectic selection of entrees. The music room -- occasionally outfitted with a big screen projection television -- is also a good place to catch championship sporting events and Bears games

About Essex Chanel
Essex Chanel is Chicago-based Travis Lee Wiggins' solo music project, started in the summer of 2005. Travis is in two additional Chicago-based bands: The Summer Salts and also Fetla-but in Essex Chanel he does all the work, from writing all the music, playing all the instruments, to producing, mixing, and mastering. Addictive, catchy melodies abound in all of Essex Chanel's songs, and the music casts such a wide net in different genres that it can almost be considered an all-genre it's classic rock, indie, alternative, folk, dance, or classically influenced (the music dips in many genres). Maybe the best example is in 67 Car Commercials, where genre jumping is shown to be an easy art-each song is 30 seconds, crossing music categories and going into the highly conceptual with interesting titles to go with the music. Essex Chanel’s latest release, Dancing at Weddings, took us for a ride into the experimental and dance rock. The focus of the music varies with each CD, some are what he calls "music collections" like his January 2007 song-a-day marathon or The Album is Dead, where songs are released online as they are complete. The music stays fresh and energetic with each new release. Many Essex Chanel albums and songs are downloadable for free, and this project is not constricted in songwriting or releasing material by being on any music label, which makes releases frequent and sometimes without prior notice. CDs and other items are available through www.essexchanel.com, as well as some limited releases through iTunes & Rhapsody.com. Several times a year, Travis tours under the Essex Chanel name, doing solo shows, as well as playing with a varied list of friends-which makes every Essex Chanel show an event.

Press Contact
Travis Lee Wiggins
mail (at) travisleewiggins (dot) com