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Essex Chanel Releases 250th song!
Entire catalog free for the remainder of 2010!

CHICAGO, Illinois – Chicago’s cross-genre musical project Essex Chanel is releasing their 250th song!  Entitled “The Good Times”, the song exhibits the melody packed arrangement style heard on Essex Chanel’s last project Love is Proximity.

Download here: http://www.thegoodtimes.essexchanel.com

Travis Lee Wiggins has been writing and releasing music under the Essex Chanel moniker since 2005. During this time he has released 11 LPs, all while writing, performing, and recording in a multitude of additional Chicago bands (The Salts, The Personal FX, Dolphins Swimming, Fetla, & Friends Having Fun). In addition to the LPs, he has done some extraordinary concept-based projects, like January 2007, a project in which he wrote, recorded, & released a song every day during the month of January 2007.  Essex Chanel’s last project, Love is Proximity, was a 42 song collection of love songs recorded over 3 years. Another notable project in the Essex Chanel catalog is 67 Car Commercials, a collection of 67 30 second songs meant to be used as car commercials.

“The Good Times” explores more of the Folkier/Americana side of Essex Chanel’s catalog, reminiscent of bands like Big Star, Sufjan Stevens, & Wilco, with a big band type arrangement full of horns playing intertwining melody lines. Band leader Travis Lee Wiggins wrote, recorded, and arranged the song and brought in musicians to flush out the rest of the track.  This is the first Essex Chanel track to use saxophone, clarinet, and tuba.

Essex Chanel is still continuing “FREE IN 2010” where they are offering all of Essex Chanel's Catalog: 250 songs, 11 Full Albums, 2 EPs for FREE in 2010!  If you haven’t downloaded their back catalog, right now would be the time to do it before the year is over!

Official Website: www.essexchanel.com, www.sweetgoodnessmusic.com

Genre –  folk, pop, indie, rock, singer/songwriter, big band
Like Artists – Big Star, Wilco, Sufjan Stevens, Elvis Costello

“The Good Times” Credits:
Written, Arranged, Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Travis Lee Wiggins
Vocals, Banjo & Guitar by Travis Lee Wiggins
Drums by Mitch Nimnicht
Clarinet & Saxophone by Steven Aleck
Trumpet by Stephen Dranger
Tuba by Robert Pleshar
Recorded at Beware of Dog Studios in Chicago, IL

Press Contact:
Travis Lee Wiggins,
Sweet Goodness
mail (at) sweetgoodnessmusic (dot) com