Essex Chanel Contact and Links
To contact Essex Chanel
to email the band: mail (at) essexchanel (dot) com
for press inquiry email: mail (at) sweetgoodnessmusic (dot) com
Essex Chanel is an ASCAP artist


Friends of Essex Chanel
Anc Movies Great filmmakers. Filmed the Get Up and Dance music video for Essex Chanel
Metemanofilms Alejandro Marin's Production Company. Co-Directed and Director of Photography for the Skinny Dippin' music video for Essex Chanel
Theory of Everything Films Devon Ford's Production Company. Edited and did Special Effects for the Skinny Dippin' music video for Essex Chanel
Lucas Merino Lucas Merino's Production Company. Colorized the Skinny Dippin' music video for Essex Chanel
Nick Hopkins Added Title Animation to the Skinny Dippin' music video for Essex Chanel
Christopher Hiltz Great Photographer - has done a lot of press photos and show photos for Essex Chanel

Other Travis Lee Wiggins Bands
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The Salts 3 piece Indie Power Rock
Fetla Unique Indie Rock
Dolphins Swimming Minimal emotive folk music
The Personal FX old school dance music

Bands Essex Chanel has played shows with
Ra Ra Riot Slarafennland Plants & Animals
Ami Saraiya Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele The Deadbeats
The Royal Chains Grody Hunt The Salts (prev. The Summer Salts)
The Shaky Hands Mittens on Strings Fetla
The Virgins Imaginary Friends The Zerostars
Barcelona Love in October Shalloboi
The Boo Boo Brass Band PALEFACE The Tyranny of Dave
Dinosaur Party Rich Logan  
Jon Kill, Mad Anthony, Pinky, Corduroy Days, Scraper, Rescue of a Plastic Girl, Florence, Coma Club, Marshmellow Pop Orchestra, Oblivion, Huge Euge, To The East, Brett Rosenberg, The MetaPuffs, The Monocles, Tokyo Tram (now The Hollows), The Recs

Bands Essex Chanel has played festivals with
Best Idea Ever, The Replicas, Eyer Department, Pigeon, Gretchen Wolff, I Crime, The Planet D Nonet wsg Charles "Buddy" Smith, Dr. Doctor, Volt Hammer, Man Francisco, The Run-ins, Oakland University Classical Guitar Ensemble

There's probably some more....